12 August 2008 @ 04:21 pm
"Let Sleeping Kings Lie"  
"Let Sleeping Kings Lie"
Word count: 1,023
PG to PG-13
Other warnings: Um, extremely rough draft.

The air was overly perfumed, Jasmine and Lavender wafting heavily on the currents: the sign of a pampered king. Said noble was fast asleep under his vast excess of fur blankets, the steady rise and fall of his chest betraying his unfortunately living status. The furs were piled high, way too many for anyone other than an extremely selfish king.

The assassin finished pulling himself into the room, quietly slipping from the window sill. He drew the dagger from his belt, creeping towards the slumbering king. One, quick strike and it would all be over for an all too mortal man. He would "right the wrongs" for his employer and be paid his handsome price.

Raising the knife, the assassin darted forward, quick and silent.

A sword plunged through his chest and too startled to even scream, the assassin stared, mouth gaping open for air he could no longer draw with metal through his lungs. Sampson sneered, twisting the sword in deeper before freeing his legs from the heavy furs to kick the vermin off his blade. Beside him, Leo jerked awake, rolling to the side and onto his feet, blue eyes wide and blonde hair wild. “What the Hell!” Leo snarled, imperious even after being rudely awakened. Somehow, even fresh from bed and frightened as a rabbit, Leo still managed to be regal. Sampson smiled tightly. Only his king could manage that.

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30 May 2008 @ 11:29 pm
Suite 7 - Do Not Want  
Suite 7 fic.

Jin/Eli/Jordan. Jordan tries to pretend he's a victim. PWP. 2179 words. NC-17.

Previous Suite 7: The Morning PG-13
Jordan Pic NC-17

Suite 7 - Do Not Want )
04 May 2008 @ 08:17 pm
Re: Jordan  
I redid Jordan today.  I traced the original over onto a new sheet of paper and then shaded him in.  It took a lot less time than the original did, simply because I'd already thought things out, yeah?  I think he turned out better than the original but he's as done as I'm going to take him, though I was thinking about possibly coloring him (I scanned him after I finished outlining, before the shading).  He'd be my first coloring job if I did.

I do have a few fics done of his story, Suite 7, a joint project with Entropy.  I'll see about posting them soon.

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