02 June 2008 @ 11:51 pm
The bug from HELL is currently in my room (so what the Hell am I still doing in it???) and I'm freaking trapped in a corner of my room and freaking the fuck OUT!  The thing is as big as my freaking HAND, I kid you not!  And it's buzzing around because it's too stupid to go back out the damn window in came in through and it's going to get stuck in my HAIR and the cat's terrified.

Okay!  So it's a June Bug.  But JESUS CHRIST!  This might be funny if I wasn't so terrified right now.  I'm so NEVER going to get to sleep... 0_0

Edit:  Okay.  Bug crisis adverted!  It wouldn't LEAVE so I had to MAKE it.

Anyways! Anyone know a good photo hosting site that WON'T delete your shit?  In the meantime, my newest favorite picture courtesy of 4chan! Cut because so NSFW!: