12 June 2009 @ 09:46 am
*Cue Tumbleweed*  
I'm currently sitting in an empty office with my "ghetto desk" (a fold out table), the computer, the printer, the fax machine, and the phone, staring at just the VOID.

And I find it hilarious.

Next week, hopefully, we'll be situated into the new space. In the meantime, I shall simply die of boredom.
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11 June 2009 @ 11:50 am
HST 111 and Balthier  
4.0 in my History 111 class. One more down.

Revamped the laptop, deleting off a lot of the bigger Torchwood/John Barrowman stuff that I've already got backed up both on the external hard drive and on various dvds. Freed up about 30 GB worth of space. All the more room for Supernatural. ♥ (Speaking of Supernatural, I now want to change my mood theme. I'm obsessed. o.O )

The office is, for the most part, packed and ready to move down the street. It looks so empty in here. =(
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05 April 2008 @ 06:03 pm
Arrrrrgh!  If an action is erotic, then don't just say "erotic" and leave it at that!  That tells me nothing!  WHY is it erotic?  Good GOD, it's the difference between TELLING and SHOWING.  LEARN IT.

I soooo wanted to read that fic.  I just couldn't.  Damn it.

And the Bleach manga is pissing me off.  Seriously.  The yuri is so freakin' rampant through it, same as the het (can't turn a page without one girl molesting another or someone's boobs threatening to fall out), why can't the yaoi get any love???  I'm not asking for much!  **whines**  Just a scene!  A one-liner! That's not between Ichigo and his DAD!!!

...And I'm currently downloading at a rate of 4.4 kb/s.  **Hits head against the wall**  I'm NEVER going to get this manga...

In other, non-fandom frustration, news, I now have a new job.  Yay for new jobs!  :)
11 June 2005 @ 11:04 pm
3 things at work today.  
Things that happened at work today:

A creepy old dude again cornered one of our underage employees.

A co-worker deep-throated his free popsicle (and promptly choked).

And one Harry Potter came in and inquired about porn.

...Just where the hell am I working. anyway?!
Current Mood: curious