11 May 2011 @ 10:46 pm
Joss Whedon Pisses Me Off  
Thank you, Joss Whedon, for managing to kill off any interest I might have had in yet another fandom with your last installment of said fandom's series.

This is the second time that this has happened and I'm beginning to think that if I ever have an insane urge to watch something made by him again, I'm just going to watch the first part and consider that to be everything. It's not worth the rage I will feel if I watch to the end.

This is brought to you by Serenity, the movie that could have been good and the ending to the awesome but cancelled TV show Firefly.

Total spoiler, but why the fuck did he need to die? No, seriously. Why the fuck did he need to die? He could have just been injured. I know that it wouldn't have been nearly as ~dramatic~ and shit but, fuck, man. I'm beginning to think that Joss is only good at creating a series/characters and writing snappy dialogue--so the beginning and the middle of a series--but he is complete SHIT at plot (thus, skip the end).
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01 August 2009 @ 07:15 pm
The so-called "Perks" of DVDs  
Hey jackass dvd-makers! Not fucking cool making your dumbshit previews unskipable!

I swear to freaking God, the more power of control these people get, the STUPIDER they get.

I fucking LONG for the days of VHS where if I couldn't do anything else at least I could FAST FORWARD. There was none of this "this operation cannot be performed" BULLSHIT.
16 July 2009 @ 12:23 am
Re: Children of Earth.

I am so fucking done with this series.

THAT was what I waited for months for? THAT? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON RUSSELL T DAVIES! Obviously you have no FUCKING CLUE why I've put up with this series despite all its EXTREME faults.

Yeah, I love John Barrowman, but let's face it, there are better actors in the world. And the plots? Suck. Special effects? Suck.

There was one fucking reason why I continued to watch, fangirl, obsess, and spend wads of cash on this series and you. Just. FUCKING. KILLED. It.

One less fan to watch your precious Season 4. If it ever happens.
04 June 2009 @ 09:48 am
Stupid, stupid people  
You stupid, silly fucks. You called ME. I have your NAME and NUMBER on my CALLER ID. HELLO! Me ASKING for your name and number is just a courtesy! 'Cause you called me! And now, because you called me, not only do I have your NAME and your NUMBER, through the miracles of the internet, I also have your HOME ADDRESS and the names all the people that live with you as well as your AGE!

What the hell are you doing calling me if you DON'T want to give me your name, number, home address as well as information about windows you might want to have installed so you can be set up with an appointment for a free quote???

Note to dumbfucks: if you want to remain anonymous from a company, don't use a listed landline!
24 November 2008 @ 12:03 am
New Irrational Hatred  
Have developed a new irrational hatred. When searching for possible fics to read, reading the summaries, finding the phrase "Please R&R!" "Please Read and Review!" or all its other permeations can send me into an unexplainable rage. Either that or I scroll right on by.

Oh. And never buy ANYTHING from Best Buy. Anything worthwhile, at any rate. The fuckers have messed up twice already just trying to replace an AC converter for my laptop. I'm dealing with idiots.

In other news, have started watching House again. ...May explain the irrational hatred of idiots...
05 November 2008 @ 11:06 pm
Re: Doctor Who S3E08/S3E09  
Tell you what, personal opinion, the Doctor is a first class jerk. Except he's a jerk who doesn't know he's a jerk. And he's a jerk that makes people love him.

In S3E09, him, just casually as you please, offering Martha's spot up to a random woman pisses me off. After having Martha watch him, the man she's in love with, fall for another human woman.

He's got people who fall in love with him, who adore him, who would do ANYTHING for him. And yet, he takes them for granted. Look how he treated Jack. Discarded him. Martha. Donna. Rose might have meant something to him, though. Though mostly, I think, because he can't have her anymore.

Jo had a point. If the Doctor had not chosen that place, that time, on a whim in an attempt to escape, people would have lived.

I'm really starting to...dislike him, really. He uses people. At least Jack and Martha wised up. Rose at least got her very own Doctor, but not the real one. I was actually initially kind of upset at Jack turning down the Doctor, at Martha leaving, but now I feel a bit differently. It really hurts to be so casually overlooked. It might be one thing if he treated everyone with the same casual indifference, too. But he doesn't.
25 October 2008 @ 08:28 pm
TW fanfiction rant  
You know where I'd like to see Torchwood go? Okay, so Tosh was REALLY irreplaceable. I would have rather she not have died. But a soothing balm? (Besides more hot, hot, HOT Janto scenes) Would be John Hart joining. He's good at tech, isn't he? Why not?

Also, I'm beginning to give up hope on finding actually GOOD Torchwood fanfiction. It may be a mean thing to say, but I haven't actually found a fic that doesn't have a problem SOMEWHERE. Whether it is in the characterization, in the style of the fic, in the plot, in the point of view, etc! Okay, not fair. I have found a few good ones, but they certainly weren't the Jack/Ianto flavor that I currently want.

I'm beginning to wonder if the series is just TOO obvious for the kick-ass writers. If they'd rather stretch their legs elsewhere. ~_~

But I know I'm just being unkind. There are good fics out there (there HAVE to be), they're just buried under all the SHIT. >_<

A fic that's in character, well-written, shows instead of tells, stays on its chosen point of view, is NOT pure cringe-inducing ANGST, and doesn't have ANY HORRIBLE OCs playing main parts (I got into the series for the canon characters, not for possible OCs fans might come up with). It's apparently asking too much. Or maybe I'm giving up too soon. I don't know. But I do know I'd rather watch an episode for the 4th time than attempt to slog my way through another bad fic. ~_~

...I suppose I should start searching for rec sites instead of trying to dig myself. I know I don't have enough stamina to dive headfirst into the Torchwood ocean without a little guidance.

Edit: Found the rec community! Yayness!
25 May 2008 @ 01:56 pm
Kyou Kara Maou sucks hardcore.  
Kyou Kara Maou is SERIOUSLY pissing me off.  81--81!--episodes I've watched so far and the main, CANON, relationship hasn't taken one freakin' step forward.  It wouldn't have been hard to keep me happy.  Wouldn't have been hard at ALL!  Just the end, have YUURI reinstate the engagement instead of pretending he doesn't want it.  Just have him smack Wolfram.  Would that have been hard?  And, at that point, he could have said nearly anything, and I STILL would have squealed like a fangirl.  Didn't have to profess his undying love or anything--the boy's only 16 for crying outloud!--but he could have said something to the effect that he wanted to keep Wolf around or something.  He wanted to think about it.  Anything!

Hell, could have had the MAOU!Yuuri do it.  Then the rampant Conrad/Yuuri fans could rationalize and say it wasn't really Yuuri or some such shit.  Could have had Wolf saying he loved Yuuri or something when he was preparing himself to die.  Not that "be a good king" bullshit.

Seriously.  If I was Wolfram, I'd be crying by now.  His fiance's a dumbshit.  How many times can you be rejected before you finally stop trying???  Me, it was about 81 episodes.  So fucking done with this series.

In other news, allergies suck and I hate the world.
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18 May 2005 @ 06:15 pm
What is with all the hype around Star Wars, ANYWAY?  
Oh, for the love of... stupid fucking people...

Snapping out of my funk today to comment on this: George Lucas fucking wrote Star Wars long before our fucking problems. Okay?! That this shows up in the movie at all and that you can make comparisions at all is because of the stereotypical evil the BUSH ADMINSTRATION IS! Lack of imagination, anyone? It's not fucking hard to draw the damn comparisons!

Yeah, that's right! The loser this stupid country barely elected uses a lot of the same fucking, stereotypical tag lines and phrases as the fucking dark side.

That's not because of George Lucas--the man doesn't have the finesse for that (sorry, everybody)--but because of the Administration that WE, as a COUNTRY ELECTED. To the point, seeing as to WHY Bush was freakin' elected, it goes to show just how much the fucking MORALS of this adminstration are severely lacking. That's right, all you right-winged fuckheads! Your so-called "savior" and "God still talks through Bushes" bullshit is just like the fucking Dark Side. Chew on that! Fucking hypocritical HEATHENS! That's right. By your own fucking dogma, you'll burn in hell for comparing Bush to JESUS CHRIST! And I'll fucking LAUGH!

Stop attacking fucking Star Wars, or any other fucking media for that fucking matter, and start attacking the real fucking problem. OKAY?!

AND NO, George W. Bush does NOT remind me of Darth Vader. Get the fuck over yourselves; that's giving him way too much credit. Fucking Jar Jar with those big-ass ears...
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15 May 2005 @ 07:08 pm
Movie Rant  
I tell you what, dudes, I am so fucking pissed.

Last night, I was in the mood for a movie. Not just any movie--a good movie. A slashy movie. Sci-fi, fantasy, scary, whatever. I just wanted it fantasical with deliciously slashy overtones.

Near the end of the night, I was even willing to drop the 'slashy overtones' requirement.

The Sci-fi channel has all their 'sci-fi original' movies. You ever watch these pieces of shit? Same fucking movie over and over and it's not even a particularly good movie.

But I saw previews for this mummy movie. And you know what? It looked good. Bunch of guys riding around in a jeep being chased by a friggin' huge mummy. I was like, "Cool! I'll watch that!"

So I started watching it. )
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07 March 2005 @ 11:26 pm
WHY is Livejournal never up?! ARGGHHH!!!

**headdesk** **headdesk** **headdesk**


Okay. Now that that's out of my system: I have just realized just how skewed “American Idol” is (yes, I’m watching the damn show…). )